Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hey people in the interwebs. I thought it about time to start up one of those Facebook site thingys so showcase a bit of my WIPs, complete paint jobs and other mutterings as I rock slowly back and forth in a dimly lit corner. I'm assuming if I was to post a link here you could follow it and maybe give it a like click thing?

There it is! Thanks for checking it out! If you didn't, why not?

ANYWHO... here is what I've been a'working on this fine and chilly day in the frozen wastes of Dallas!

It is Demon Prince Amon and his winter wolf companion from Center Stage Miniatures. Awesome company they are, great stuff and some amazing upcoming releases even. I'll post a linky type thing to their website below!

Center Stage Miniatures

There you guys go!

Enough Rambling, time to finish what I started.