Monday, January 27, 2014

Today is a good day!

I feel like a kid in a candy store right now. Well, more like a kid who pledged for candy and had it show up several months later. My Helldorado Kickstarter rewards showed up today! There is a bunch of top-notch miniatures from it. Honestly, I wouldn't expect any less from the fine folks at Cipher Studios!

One day when I am not quite so busy with commissions and projects, I will really enjoy painting these! The sculpts are absolutely fantastic and so full of character.

I originally started my Helldorado collection with the Saracens. What about having Djinn all over the place could you NOT love! Honestly, I have not found a single model out of the entire range that doesn't just scream awesome.

I started my Anima: Tactics armies (now three) because I couldn't find a bad sculpt. They are a bit Anime-ish, but if you are into that and like to paint, then they are right up your alley.

I've actually played a few games of Anima, and the game is great fun. It's a small, skirmish level game. Unlike several larger companies games, your beautifully painted models actually stay on the table for more than 20 seconds. The character of the models actually give a certain life to the battlefield.

I have yet to play Helldorado but I have read the rules. Well, skimmed them. The system looks like it makes for a very smooth and streamlined game. There are a lot of special rules, but they actually make sense for what they are called. The setting is a bit dark, but nothing near Malifaux dark.

The neat thing about both of these games is that you really don't have to sell an organ or limb to get started. The starter decks are a great value and the rule books aren't overpriced. You only need one (well two with the expansion, but it's not really nessessary to play the game) book for the rules and the models stats are on cards that come in the blister. The main rule book comes with template in the back if you don't wish to spend extra on the plastic ones even. Anima required a couple of D10's and Helldorado needs a few D6's. 

Alright, that is enough plugging Cipher Studios for today. Great minis, great games and great people. I'd highly recommend giving them a look and perhaps jumping into their games!

Check out Cipher Studios right here.

That's all from me for the time being. Until next time!