Friday, January 24, 2014

Update on the classes!

 Army painter is now most definitely on board and will be supplying some paints and brushes as well as advertising in their own newsletter. I am still talking with Secret Weapon about their support as well. I will be talking tomorrow with Reaper for any support they can give. There is also an email blast going out to several other companies asking for support.

The classes have been confirmed at three locations so far and I am going to be talking to several others around the DFW area.

The class syllabus have been almost completed and work on fliers has been started, but cannot be completed until I have conformation on sponsors so I can add them to it as well.

If everything goes to plan, I will be holding my first class sometime mid-February!

The classes will be roughly 6-8 hours long with breaks covering everything from beginning to end. If these are successful then I'll start doing smaller classes as well covering more specialized techniques and equipment. There is so much information available that if I was to shove too much even into an 8 hour class, most people would forget it.

Last thing before I forget! If these classes become a regular hit, then I will begin donating a sizable portion of the proceeds to a local charity.