Monday, February 10, 2014

It ain't easy being green...

Yay!! I can now finally reveal my super secret project to the world! As many of you know, I said in my last post that I have also become a sculptor. Well, here is my first completed piece. It is a furnace Golem for Center Stage Miniatures Tome of Horrors Kickstarter. For a first professional sculpt, I think I did rather well. Here is some super exclusive, behind the scenes directors cut Blu-Ray 3D work in progress shots of the entire process:










In other news, Center Stage Miniatures is currently running a very successful second Tome of Horrors campaign as we speak!! Please check it out. I am doing some more sculpting work for this one as well. I will post the work in progress shots of what I'm working on for it as well. If my Web-fu is good, I think you can click on the picture below to take you there.

In other news, my Birthday (as well as my two year old daughter, we share the same day) was over the weekend. I had an absolutely wonderful time spending it with close friends and family. I truly felt loved and a part of something greater than myself. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.