Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Back, from a long absence!

Here is everything You've missed in my long time away:

First off! Here are some recent finished sculpts I have done for Center stage miniatures.

This is the Fanged Sea Serpent for The Tome of Horrors 2 Kickstarter project.

I engineered it in such a way that the body and tail can be removed from the 50mm base to be placed wherever the player/GM needs them to be.

Next up is two Karikanti (or gatormen) for the Razor Coast line. I had the pleasure of using concept art from Jennell Jaquays. She is an amazing artist and such a wonderful person. Here is a link to her website if you'd like to be amazed by her awesome art.

Without further ado, here are my sculpts!

They both fit on 30mm bases. The art on the second pose was just a pose without weapons or any detail. I took creative liberty and added a stone hand axe. I like the way both of them turned out and I hope you do too.

OK, Well, I finished up my commissions for George R.R. Martin. Here are my completed shots.

When I received this knight, his blade was missing and the hand guard was broken off. I replaced the blade with (of all things) a cocktail sword blade and shaved it down to match the scale. To replace the hand guard, I drilled and pinned in a small wire armature and sculpted it out of Pro Create. When it was cured, I filed the angles down to be sharper that I was able to accomplish. I think I did well fixing him up.

 He was incredibly pleased with it and is sending me a new batch shortly. I can't wait to see what goodies he has in store for me!

The last week in March was T.A.B.L.E. or Tabletop And Boardgame Learning Expo. It was such a blast! This was the first convention in years that I went to simply to have fun and not to work in any way whatsoever. Well, 95 percent play. I did manage to talk to the great folks at Dreamscarred Press (here is their link- Dreamscarred Press They are awesome!) and I am painting a figure for them (maybe more, we'll find out), which I will show everyone WIPs of it as I work on it! Here is some of my goings on over the weekend.

 Playing (or trying to) Planet Steam. It's a great game if you like pretty speadsheets and accounting. Otherwise more boring that staring at a corner. It's too bad, it really is a pretty game with a bunch of moving pieces.
 Us setting up for an awesome game of The Legend of Drizzt. It's a fun game, but you can die so fast in it!
 My son and daughter at a gaming convention. It's obvious they were a bit overwhelmed!
 Bryan Stiltz and I playtesting a new game by the same folks who bring you Eons and Edition Wars. Gamer Nation Studios
 Playing Rampage. One of the best kid friendly games I think I've ever played. No dice, no strategy, just eating meeples and destroying buildings!
 My Lovely Wife and Daughter!
 Playing Eons with Chris Witt, the game developer. Great game! Check it out if you haven't already.
 Here we have the ever elusive gamer buttcrack. How do you not notice? Oh yeah, and my copy of The Doom That Came To Atlantic City. I had my copy signed by the great Keith Baker himself!
 Here we are setting up Doom. It's a great game ala Monopoly, but destructive and you really can't lose friends playing it. Unlike Monopoly, which I am banned forever from playing on punishment of dismemberment and slow death by my entire family.
I'm chatting with the fine folks at Dreamscarred Press. Please check them out. They have awesome product and are great people.

Almost done, I swear!

As many of you may know, I have been in cahoots with the fine folks at Secret Weapon Miniatures and The Army Painter as well as Center Stage Miniatures for sponsorship on my amazing full day master classes! Well, last weekend I had my first class. I found it to be a rousing success. I have purchased a ton of lights and A/V equipment so that everyone can follow along in a bright working environment with minimal delays. With this setup, I can stuff way more information into much less time while still enabling students to ask questions as I go along. Area 51 Games and Comics was pleased to have me out and allow me to take over a large portion of their open gaming section to put on the class. Thank you so much to Erin and the whole Area 51 crew for hosting the space! Please check them out at Area 51

I've always held to the basic principal of "Go big or go home." My idea is that if someone is paying me to teach them the techniques that got me to where I am in this industry, I should do it right. Why in the world would I have them sit in a dark corner, painting crappy miniatures while using a styrofoam plate as a pallet, and just telling them what to do for a couple of hours? That is unfair to them, and very unprofessional. Why not SHOW them how I do things with the same tools that I am using working alongside me? I believe that the $60.00 is a steal for what I offer. You will never find this kind of class anywhere around, not even at large conventions. You get what you pay for!

I will be creating a calendar of events in the very near future to highlight when and where my future classes and appearances will be.

Last up on this really long and picture heavy update is an awesome private commission I have the pleasure to work on. It is "The White Council" by Mithril Miniatures. I am attempting to keep a very detailed WIP on this whole process as I think it is a wonderful piece and well worth the attention. Here is what I have so far!
The packaging was first class. The inside was lined with blue satin and padded with foam balls. Everything was protected in baggies and separated by foam inserts.

There are tons of pieces! Eight chairs, five people, a huge floor, a table top and four legs. The castings were clean and had small, easy to remove mold lines. everyone dry fits well and the details are crisp and clean. I am pleased with this piece overall.
 WIP on the floor and table. I want them to match so it ties the whole environment in together.
 Completed floor.
 Here is most of the paint completed on Galadriel. I have to finish her hair and flowers in her hair.

There you have it. By far the most intensive and photo heavy update I've ever done. If you made it this far, kudos! Until next time, paint on!